Can You Do Boxing With Scoliosis?

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Boxing is a high-contact sport and therefore you should take care while doing it if you have any form of scoliosis. It really depends on your pain level and how severe the curve of your spine is. If you have a small curve, and take the correct precautions, then you certainly can do boxing with scoliosis. If your curve is more severe and therefore more painful, it’s probably a sport that should be avoided.

Read this article to find out more about the safety measures you should take while boxing if you have scoliosis, what other sports should be avoided and which is the best sport for someone with this condition.

Can You Do Boxing With Scoliosis?

Safety Measures To Take When Boxing With Scoliosis 

When anyone does boxing, there are certain safety measures that should be taken, however, doing boxing with scoliosis only doubles the risk of injury and pain. 

First of all, you should ensure that the people that you train with know and understand your condition, whether you are pre or post-surgery, they should know as much about your spine as you do. This way, if anything does happen while training, they can assist you in the correct way without doing any damage. 

Secondly, you should train lightly and don’t overexert yourself especially if you are new to the sport this way your back muscles around scoliosis will get used to the exercise. 

Lastly, try and train both sides of your body equally, don’t overcompensate and use the strongest side, use both equally to keep the muscles balanced. 

What Sports Should Be Avoided With Scoliosis?

There are several sports that have a negative effect on people with scoliosis, that cause pain and can even worsen the condition itself. 


This sport is not healthy for someone who has an uneven spinal structure, one side of your body is stronger than the other and therefore takes more weight than it should, worsening the  ‘good’ side of your spine. 

Impact Sports – This includes, but is not limited to: running, rugby, hockey, American football. 

These sports can be particularly dangerous even for someone with a healthy spine. You are at risk of getting knocked or hit on your spine which can be very dangerous, particularly if you are post-surgery.  

Spinal flexing sports – Dance, gymnastics and yoga. 

These are dangerous because they make you bend and stretch your spine, and the muscles surrounding it, into uncommon positions. These types of sports have always been regarded by doctors around the world as unsuitable for scoliosis sufferers. 

One-sided sports 

These are sports such as tennis, golf and badminton. These sports make you use one side of the body, which as we’ve stated above, isn’t suitable for scoliosis sufferers. When doing any sport you should be exercising both sides equally. 

Which is the best sport for scoliosis?

It has long been known by scoliosis sufferers and doctors worldwide that the best sport for anyone suffering from scoliosis is swimming. 

This is because it helps strengthen the spine in a weightless environment, putting no pressure at all on the nerves or muscles surrounding the spine. 

It simply helps the muscles to move in a balanced way, strengthening both sides of the body at the same time. There are almost no risk factors involved with doing swimming, just ensure you don’t overexert your muscles and you will be fine. 

If you have thoracic scoliosis, competitive swimming should be limited as it can cause progression of the curve over the years. If you swim just to keep fit and keep your back strong, then you will not incur any negative side effects at all.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people who suffer from scoliosis find themselves considering boxing as a recreational and therapeutic option. As a result, they wonder: Is it possible to do boxing with scoliosis? The answer is yes, but only if you’re willing to take some precautions and consider some limitations.

Boxing is a sport not for the faint of heart. It requires rigorous training, dedication, and an understanding of one’s limitations.

There are many progressive ways to work on the fitness aspect of boxing while dealing with a physical disability such as scoliosis. In fact, some people who have been diagnosed with scoliosis have found that the exercise of boxing has improved their condition and given them more mobility in their back.


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