How Hard is MMA Training?

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As a fighter steps onto the scales before a fight, they are in peak physical condition. But how hard do they train, and can anyone do MMA training? 

MMA is one of the hardest and most physically demanding sports out there. It requires a balance of skill, power, speed, athleticism and conditioning. Therefore, a fighter needs to dedicate plenty of time to each of these individual aspects. 

In preparation for a fight, professional fighters often enter a training camp where they train twice a day, six days of the week. These workouts include sparring, weight training, cardio, groundwork (e.g. Brazillian Ju-Jitsu or wrestling) and drills to improve technique. 

How Hard is MMA Training?

How difficult is MMA training?

MMA training is as difficult as you want to make it. 

Suppose you are an ultracompetitive person looking to prove you are the best. In that case, it seems fairly logical that you will push yourself harder and endure more strenuous workouts to prove yourself. 

If you consider MMA a hobby, rather than something you want to compete professionally or semi-professionally, training needn’t be that difficult. 

With that being said, that does not take away from the physically demanding nature of MMA. As a hybrid sport, MMA pulls from boxing, wrestling, muay Thai and other martial arts. It requires a level of technical ability and physical conditioning. With that comes a level of difficulty, no matter if you are a newbie or a veteran. 

This is especially true if you’re new to MMA. The physical conditioning that comes with sparring and drills will be unlike anything you have encountered before. It will hurt, but it will subside with practice and regular training. 

Is MMA training worth it?

That decision is down to you. If your goal is to compete at any level, and win, then yes, MMA training is well worth it. The more time you put into your training, the better prepared you will be when you step into the cage. The amount of effort you put into your training can be the difference between winning and losing. 

However, let us not confuse training hard with pushing yourself to your breaking point. Recovery is also a part of training. One that is often forgotten. Improper recovery can lead to overtraining and cause injury exhaustion and fatiuge—something you don’t want to have to go into a fight. 

Then there is the love of the sport. If you genuinely love MMA, then training will always be worth it. Training shouldn’t feel like a gruelling slog. It can be fun, a factor that is easier if you have a genuine passion for the sport.

If you lack this sort of love, maybe MMA training isn’t right for you. 

How hard do UFC fighters train?

UFC is considered the pinnacle of the MMA world. This attitude is reflected in the dedication and work ethic of their fighters. UFC fighters endure some of the most demanding and challenging training in the build-up to a fight. 

They undergo a gruelling workout routine that includes every aspect of the sport. A UFC fighter will train twice a day, six times a week, when preparing for a fight.

Then there are the added issues of making weight. The final week leading up to the fight sees the fighter attempt to shed the pounds needed to make their weightclass. While the physical training becomes less intense in preparation for the fight, sometimes the psychological challenges of a water cut can be just as demanding as the actual training. 

Final thoughts 

There you have it, a brief insight into the world of MMA and the type of training they have to endure. 

MMA training is as easy or hard as you want to make it. While it will always include some technical ability and physical strength, what should drive your training is a love for MMA. 


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