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Is MMA A Good Workout? – When done regularly, MMA can be a strenuous workout because it requires explosive movements and high endurance. However, the great thing about MMA is that you can gradually increase the intensity of the workouts as you get fitter.

One of the main benefits of practicing MMA as a workout is that it provides an effective and efficient workout. For those who value efficiency, MMA workouts offer the largest return on the time invested. Unlike other forms of exercise such as running or weightlifting, MMA workouts provide varied movements that target muscle groups throughout the body.

MMA is a great workout that targets the whole body, and most importantly it is a fun activity and incorporates a lot of different techniques so you won’t get bored.

It’s no secret that MMA is a great way to get in shape, but is it really a good workout? Read on to find out!

Is MMA A Good Workout

Is MMA A Good Workout?

In recent years, mixed martial arts (MMA) has been gaining in popularity. For those who enjoy a good exercise and a good fight, it is a perfect combination for a workout. MMA is a full-body workout that targets all of the muscles called “big three” – the chest, back and legs. It’s also great for strengthening core muscles while increasing flexibility and agility.

A lot of mixed martial arts (MMA) training revolves around the use of grappling and striking techniques, which is a good thing when it comes to fitness. Anyone who has trained in MMA knows that when you train in this sport, you will be incorporating different exercises such as squats, pushups, pull-ups, and mountain climbers into your workout routine. While this isn’t for everyone, there are many people who can benefit from starting MMA training.

Massive, intense workouts are the key to an effective workout. MMA training has people in the best shape of their lives. With all that cardiovascular activity and strength training, MMA will get you fit in no time. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and keep your mind sharp.

If you have never done MMA before, don’t be afraid to start, there are plenty of beginner classes. MMA training intensity can be increased as you progress so you will find an MMA workout that will test you at every level.

Joining an MMA gym and participating in some MMA workouts is a fantastic way to get into shape and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Let have a look at in more detail about some of the benefits MMA workouts will have for you.

Health Benefits Of An MMA Workout

Health Benefits Of An MMA Workout

An MMA workout is a full body workout that consists of a variety of exercises, including mixed martial arts moves. There are many reasons why someone may want to try an MMA Workout, whether they’re looking to lose weight or just maintain their current fitness level.

In recent years, more and more people have been attracted to the idea of a mixed martial arts workout. The benefits of this type of workout are many, including increased fitness and weight-loss. Let’s explore the various ways that MMA training has been found to be beneficial for health.

MMA Is A Full Body Workout 

An MMA workout will target every part of your body and incorporates cardio and strength training, so there is no need to work different parts of your body like legs at a time. No part of the body is overlooked during an MMA workout.

Exercises like punching works your upper body, kicking works your legs and grappling and wrestling work out your core. Drills like skipping and dodging will also work out your cardiovascular system.

Burns A Lot Of Calories

Because you are working so many different muscle groups during an MMA workout you will be burning a lot of activities. Compared to running, cycling and swimming the calorie burn rate of MMA is much higher.

You will also be building up your muscles during an MMA workout so you will be burning calories long after your training session finishes. 

Incorporates Cardio and Strength Training 

Not only is MMA a full body workout but it also incorporates cardio and strength training into a workout. This makes it a very efficient exercise in every aspect, not many other workouts tackle this many aspects.

Cardio exercise works to improve the cardiovascular system like your heart and lungs and gets your blood pumping around your whole body. After a while your endurance of cardio exercise will improve and you will be able to be physical for longer as your heart and lungs get stronger.

Strength exercises will increase your muscle mass which will make you stronger. It will also improve your agility and coordination.

As MMA incorporates both cardio and strength you will get fitter and stronger quicker with these workouts.

Increased Strength

If you regularly train MMA you will notice that your strength will greatly increase, this can happen after a few weeks. 

Lifting heavy objects will become easier and you will find that your functional strength for everyday life will be improved. Bodyweight and weight lifting exercises will become easier too.

You will also have more power and notice that you will be able to jump, swim, run and throw further than you did previous to the training.

Improved Coordination

One of the best benefits of MMA workouts (in my opinion) is improved coordination. When you train MMA you will be engaging with an opponent and performing moves like jabs, punches, and kicks. Judging these movements quickly and dodging incoming blows will greatly increase your coordination.

You’ll be catching flies in chopsticks in no time when you start MMA training 😉

More Flexibility

You’ll also become more flexible when you train MMA. No matter how old or flexible you are to start with you will enjoy the benefits of becoming more flexible, this will also help to reduce the risk of injury.

MMA will help train passive and active flexibility with all the different techniques you will learn.

Passive flexibility is the range in which a joint can move when an outside force is moving it, this is learnt from grappling moves.

Active flexibility is the range in which a joint can move with no outside force moving it, this will be picked up from kicks, punches and stretching.

Increased Endurance

As with increased strength your cardio will also improve meaning you’ll be able to go harder for longer. Cardio workouts in MMA include skipping, running, shadow boxing, and punching bag to name a few.

The better your cardio is, the higher your endurance will be.

Lose Fat And Tone Up

MMA workouts will transform your body, as they incorporate both cardio for fat loss and strength for toning you will find that your body becomes more sculpted.

Not a bad side effect if you ask me.

Mental Benefits Of An MMA Workout

Mental Benefits Of An MMA Workout

One of the best things about MMA workouts is that it’s not only physical benefits that you will get, the mental benefits are even better. Here are some of the best mental benefits that you’ll get from MMA workouts:

Learning Self-Defence

Learning self-defense is one of the most common reasons people start MMA training, and it is probably one of the best practical and mental benefits of the sport. Knowing how to defend yourself in confrontational situations is a great mental benefit.

The aspects of MMA mean that size and strength isn’t an issue in an opponent if they are untrained in MMA. The different techniques from the various martial arts that you will learn will help you defend yourself against most opponents.

MMA Is Engaging 

Unlike other workouts in MMA you are engaging with other people during your workout, not only does this help to keep you accountable you can also make some great friends from MMA classes.

This makes MMA workouts enjoyable and doesn’t everyone want to enjoy their workout? 

As well as working out with like minded people and building up a new friendship group, MMA workouts are varied, you could move from boxing to muay thai to wrestling in one session. Not only does this keep pushing your body during the workout, but it also keeps your mind active. Better than just running on a treadmill or swimming mindless laps in a pool.

Improved Self-Discipline

Martial arts are known to improve self-discipline and so mixed martial arts doesn’t disappoint. If you have a good instructor they will instill that self-discipline is just as important as the physical side of the sport.

Improved Confidence

Training and learning MMA will have a knock on effect of making you more confident, the self defence and control that is part of MMA training will help you feel more confident around others. The physical effects of shaping and toning your body will also give you a confidence boost.

Instill A Positive Mindset

Being active will automatically improve your mood and make you feel more positive, but MMA goes above and beyond. MMA training is as much about improving your mind as it is your body.

The combination of the drills, engaging with others and physically improving will all have a great impact on your mental health and lift your mood. Exercise is a great stress reliever and with patience you will become stronger, fitter and better at MMA. These improvements in fitness and the stress relief will no doubt instill a positive mindset.

Is MMA A Good Workout? – FAQ’s

Is MMA A Good Workout? – Final Thoughts

MMA is a fantastic workout, it will make you fitter and stronger and teach you self discipline and confidence. Not only that but it’s also fun and you’ll make friends with other like minded people in your class.

If you are looking to lose weight and get fit then MMA classes will keep you accountable, and because they are fun you are more likely to continue going.

In my opinion MMA workouts are the best way to train, once you start they will transform you inside and out for the better.


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